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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Pastor's Letter

Beloved Onaway/ Millersburg UMC families,

Greetings and warm wishes,

I had a vacation last month. It was really great and relaxing time with JD. Due to the pandemic, stayed at the parsonage most of days we, but it was nevertheless a time to refresh us and to prepare the Lenten season. On one particular day, we visited "Tahquamenon Falls," which was a place recommended to us by many people during the winter. Yes! it was truly a really beautiful and magnificent place. As always, Mother Nature imparts great lessons of God's almighty and awesomeness. When I see the great size of the woods, trees, fall, and waters in nature, I reflect on myself and think about God's almighty, which makes me feel humble, praise God, and feel comforted by God.

Starting Ash Wednesday, February 17th, we are commencing the season Lent. This year, the Lent and Easter will be celebrated sooner as compared to previous years. How is your Lent spiritual practice- "giving up or adding up" going? Participating a Lenten spiritual practice - fasting/giving-up/ or adding up is great, but there is one important thing that we should remember. While fasting/giving-up something without a larger purpose can be hollow religiosity. It is a practice of self-denial with our hear of confessing, loving, worshipping, and obedience. Because Lent is a season meant to prepare us and help us refocus on Christ, an alternative to omitting something in your life is to add something to your life that helps you grow in faith and obedience during the forty days.

Whatever you decide with regard to your Lenten practice, as you practice them, do remember its meaning. I hope all of us make this Lent more meaningful so that we can empty ourselves in front of God and to fill our hearts, lives, and spirit with the love of God. Also, I hope you make this Lenten season more special by investing a bit more time on ourselves, by repenting for our sins, and by return to God.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we will have the Holy Week worship services in the last week of March and the first week of April, in order to remember the last week before Jesus died on the cross and to prepare his glorious resurrection; Palm and Passion Sunday Service; Maundy Thursday Service; and Good Friday Special Service. Due to the situation caused by the pandemic, the time or manner of service can be changed, so I will keep you all updated with the information of worship services.

I encourage each of you to participate in these services as fully as you can. If you are able to attend Palm/Passion Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, you will have a more meaningful experience of Jesus' last week before his death on the cross. And, don't forget there is Lenten Bible study every Wednesday (10am at Onaway) and Thursday (10 am at Millersburg).

With God's grace and love, stay warm!  During this Lenten season, I hope you all experience the goodness of the Lord every day of our lives through reflecting on ourselves and return to God. Share your blessings and be thankful. Try to be closer to God. Have a blessed Lenten Season!

with Peace,

Pastor YooJin Kim


Pastor's Challenge:
[Jesus], who was handed over to death for our trespasses and was raised for our justification. (Romans 4:25)