Onaway & Millersburg UMC
Thursday, June 04, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
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* "Praying Together" Practice

As I mentioned in the pastor's greeting video last week, I would like to invite you to pray together at the same time - 8 pm. It really does not matter that we cannot be physically present at the same place at the same time; we can definitely do something together at the same time wherever we are. So, this is how to do. Pray at 8 pm, wherever you are. Pray for our nation and the world, where is struggling because of the issues of COVID 19. You can pray by your own prayer, you can use "the prayer for people" in the bulletin, or any other prayers you can find in the internet, or if you really don't know what/how to prayer, you can pray the Lord's prayer is okay too. Making us heart unison through our prayer is the point with faith. Please set your alarm at 8 pm and pray together for we can overcome this circumstance well in God. Please join this "praying together" practice.

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