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Friday, April 10, 2020
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Pastor's Letter

Hello, Church!!!

I hope you are well and abiding in the love, peace, and hope of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been more than half a month since we've cancelled all in-person gatherings in order to reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus through social distancing. It goes without saying that I never cease to pray for your physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being.

Given that the suspension of our churches will be extended further to than we had thought- at this point, it will be until April 13th but if anything changes, I will let you know - there are some things that I need to update you about the church plans.

Worship Service
I believe you have received my previous letters 1) the bulletin of home church worship along with my message script; and 2) the church newsletter for the month of April. I will keep mailing to you with church-related news updates as well as the bulletin that helps your home church services, so that you can have your home church services with my letter. Additionally, since last week, I have also started posting Sunday service videos. I post the link in both our churches' website and Facebook, which means that you can watch the video by following that link. So, please join the video worship service as well if you have access to the internet.

Bishop David Bard is preparing a special message for us for the imminent Sunday Easter. However, I am still awaiting further details about the information. In addition to sending his message online, he would also be sending a post mail to your place if you are unable to gain internet access. I will update you about that Easter-related information from the Bishop as soon as I have access to more details on that.

Even though the church building is closed and all in-person gatherings are canceled, the church is still working for our ministry. Some people wonder how to offer their gifts these days. For that purpose, I would like to ask you send us your gift via the post letter. Your offering envelopes can be easily posted to the church. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Since we are under "Stay-at-home" executive order, the church office is closed; however, please be reminded that our church is not closed! I have been told that "if there is anyone in need of help, please let me know." I was really touched by your loving and caring hearts for our neighbors. We will keep serving the people who are in need of help, especially in this time of crisis, but I will always do my utmost best not to have "in-person" gatherings and contact such as delivery and picking up. If you happen to know someone who needs help, please let me know.

"Praying Together" Practice
As I mentioned in the pastor's greeting video last week, I would like to invite you to pray together at the same time - 8 pm. It really does not matter that we cannot be physically present at the same place at the same time; we can definitely do something together at the same time wherever we are. So, this is how to do. Pray at 8 pm, wherever you are. Pray for our nation and the world, where there is struggling because of the issues of COVID-19. You can pray by your own prayer, you can use "the prayer for people" in the bulletin, or any other prayers you can find in the internet, or if you really don't know what/how to prayer, you can pray the Lord's prayer is okay too. Making us heart unison through our prayer is the point with faith. Please set your alarm at 8 pm and pray together for we can overcome this circumstance well in God. Please join this "praying together" practice.

Church Website
Lastly, I would like to assure you that everything is being updated in the church website, which is for both Onaway and Millersburg Churches, on a daily basis; you can read the pastor's letter, Lenten daily devotionals, prayer request, and so on. In addition to the service worship video, I also upload Pastor's weekly greeting video on the church’s website. Please make sure you check this website regularly.

As this time of uncertainty is getting longer than we had previously thought, we are still unsure as to when we would be able to have this service together physically at this time. However, I do believe that we can overcome this adversity with love for each other and more importantly, faith in our merciful Lord Jesus Christ.

Wash your hands. Stay at home and stay safe. But most of all, be the church!
Keep praying. Keep loving. God’s got this, and God’s got us!

Thank you.

Peace be with you.
Pastor YooJin

Contact Information to Pastor YooJin Kim
Email: yjphaha@hotmail.com
Parsonage Phone Number: 989-733-8434
Church phone Number: 989-733-8811

Church Website: www.onawayunitedmethodist.org

Pastor's Challenge:
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1)