Onaway United Methodist
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
A church with Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Pastor's Letter

I have always loved watching men with their children - dads holding tiny hands, dads carrying sleepy children, dads drying tears....men being dads. I LOVE IT!! But, what awes me is when I watch that love in action and I know that those tiny hands, watery eyes, and sleepy bodies do not biologically belong to those dads. They were adopted. Sometimes that adoption is a legal matter but it is always a matter of the heart. And, I am in awe. It doesn't matter if those relationships are formed because two families have become one or a man is simply taking the time to impact another's life. Those men have made room in their heart.
Watching men being dads, role models, friends, big brothers - being involved in the lives of children reminds me of the Aramaic word Abba. Abba is a very personal, intimate name for God the Father and Jesus used it when addressing the Father in the Garden before his arrest. Paul used this word again in Galatians in explaining our adoption into God's family. Abba, it is a beautiful word that we too can use because we have been adopted. We have been chosen. One of the things that I loved doing as a little girl was to crawl up into my daddy's lap where he would wrap his arms around me and tell me stories. I would trace the scars on his hands, listen to his heart beat, and breathe in the scent of my daddy. I am a little big to crawl up into my dad's lap now, but I am not too big to crawl upon to my Abba's lap. And, those same things that I did as a little girl I Do now as a daughter of the King and I know and am beginning to know my Father.
Going back to those men who love other children as their own - thank you for being a picture of Abba, Father - His love, grace, and mercy being lived out in our daily lived. You think what you are doing is for your family or for the child, but you are only half-right - it is for all of us too. People are watching and they are seeing grace in action. They are seeing God in you. May the Lord bless and keep you.
May your JOY be outrageous,

Pastor Carmen Cook